Regulation of Online Education Companies

As the cost and affordability of traditional 2 and 4 year post-secondary educations continue to sky rocket, many students are opting for less expensive online education. While a school being about to leverage the internet and it’s amazing scale, is great at lowering the cost and making education affordable to the masses, it also comes at the cost of lower academic standards and increased risk of out right fraud.

Check out this warning by the US government’s FTC division. It provides warning signs of diploma mills and steps to ensure you are getting what you expect.

Diploma mill warning signs:

  • Claims of little or no study time
  • No exams
  • No live staff interaction during the education process
  • Flat fees vs. fees per credit hour
  • No waiting to enroll
  • Aggressive advertising and recruitment tactics

How to avoid diploma mills:

This really boils down to doing your homework. Don’t just read and believe the school’s website. Check with their related accreditation body. Check out schools like them. Even google it and check out what pops up. As an example if you are looking to become a gunsmith, a quick review of the top results in google will find a great review site of all gunsmithing schools. So before you invest your money and time in an online program, make sure to do your homework.

Anyone ever have any good or bad experiences with online schools? Gunsmith, pharmacy tech, etc? If so let us know in the comments.