Keeping Walmart out of Chicago

Walmart comes with its share of advantages and disadvantages as they offer products for an incredibly low price but it depends on what customers are willing to go through in order to purchase these products. Whether shoppers have to wait through extraordinarily long lines or if Walmart becomes an incredibly dangerous place to shop during the holiday season, there are a numerous amount of reasons as to why Chicago should consider keeping Walmart away.

Putting Companies out of Business

The main reason as to why Chicago may want to consider keeping Walmart away is because they have the tendency to ruin local businesses. When Walmart begins to open their doors, they will systematically lower their prices until they have the lowest priced goods in comparison to other companies in the general area. This can make it incredibly difficult for local companies to find customers as everyone will just flock to Walmart.

Another reason as to why Walmart is dangerous for local businesses is because of their price matching. Price matching refers to when shoppers find the same product at Walmart and a second store but Walmart will have it for a higher price than the second store. If a shopper can bring in a printed advertisement showing that a competitor has it for a lower price – they will match the price.

Plenty of Jobs – Good Jobs?

Walmart is also renowned for creating a number of jobs for people in the local area but the most important thing to consider is whether they are good jobs. A number of people in the world who have previously been employed by this company have stated that they gave them employment but it did not provide them with the opportunity to advance. Basically stating that once you get hired as a cashier, there is no chance for you to be promoted to a head cashier. This makes Walmart a great opportunity for students looking for a part-time job but not for anyone who is seeking serious employment.

Inconvenient and Dangerous Environments

Have you ever been to a Walmart where you had to wait in line for an extended period of time? This is because the majority of stores only hire a small amount of cashiers to handle the hundreds of customers that funnel through their doors on a daily basis. This can create an incredibly inconvenient environment for both you and your family to shop.

In terms of danger, Walmart can quickly become a hazardous environment – especially during the holiday season. There have been numerous situations where individuals have been caught in confrontations during holidays such as Black Friday and shoppers flock to Walmart for their incredibly low prices. With that being said, the vast majority of Walmart shoppers try to avoid the store during the holiday season.

It is important to consider whether shopping at Walmart will make your life easier or more difficult, even if you are saving a small amount of money every time that you shop.

Regulation of Online Education Companies

As the cost and affordability of traditional 2 and 4 year post-secondary educations continue to sky rocket, many students are opting for less expensive online education. While a school being about to leverage the internet and it’s amazing scale, is great at lowering the cost and making education affordable to the masses, it also comes at the cost of lower academic standards and increased risk of out right fraud.

Check out this warning by the US government’s FTC division. It provides warning signs of diploma mills and steps to ensure you are getting what you expect.

Diploma mill warning signs:

  • Claims of little or no study time
  • No exams
  • No live staff interaction during the education process
  • Flat fees vs. fees per credit hour
  • No waiting to enroll
  • Aggressive advertising and recruitment tactics

How to avoid diploma mills:

This really boils down to doing your homework. Don’t just read and believe the school’s website. Check with their related accreditation body. Check out schools like them. Even google it and check out what pops up. As an example if you are looking to become a gunsmith, a quick review of the top results in google will find a great review site of all gunsmithing schools. So before you invest your money and time in an online program, make sure to do your homework.

Anyone ever have any good or bad experiences with online schools? Gunsmith, pharmacy tech, etc? If so let us know in the comments.

2 Reasons to Ban Super PACs

Super PACs are currently being seen as an incredibly detrimental element of the politics in the United States for a numerous amount of reasons. This is mostly because it is in relation to private groups being formed to fund potential political candidates so that they can quickly accomplish their political agenda. This has posed various issues with voters due to the fact that it essentially means that the richest (and not necessarily the best) candidate has a better chance of being elected.

The Evolution of Playing Dirty

The number one reason as to why individual voters may not be interested in Super PACs is due to the fact that they essentially promote candidates having the opportunity to “play dirty”. Although it is commonly known that political tasks are anything but honest and truthful, there are many who still have hope for a political reform. With the use of Super PACs, presidential candidates have the ability to use organizations to fund particular aspects of their agenda, such as advertisements and short-films that degrade their opponents.

It is important to consider the detrimental impact that these negative advertisements can have not only on the voting process but on the candidates and their families. Although it is expected that all secrets will be exposed once someone becomes a political candidate, it can be difficult to shield family members (especially children) from the harmful information that is created with the help of Super PACs. Plus, it can taint the image of the political leader in both their family and their community – especially with people who are not close to them.

One notable example of this is the Restore America and Winning Our Future clash that occurred during Mitt Romney’s election cycle. Restore America was the pro-Romney Super PAC that helped to raise over 12.2 million dollars. They were also responsible for releasing a variety of different advertisements throughout all of Iowa that personally attacked Newt Gingrich. In retaliation, Winning Our Future, the pro-Gingrich Super PAC released a negative documentary about Mitt Romney and the career that he had at Bain Capital. Needless to say, Super PACs can be responsible for inflicting an ample amount of damage to candidates.

Educating the Voters

Super PACs can also be incredibly detrimental to the general public in terms of educating voters on who they will be able to actually vote for. There are millions of people who rely on celebrities, family, and even social media websites to provide them with the “knowledge” necessary to make a logical decision pertaining to who they should vote for. Unfortunately, this information is generally tainted considering that the political parties are able to use the Super PACs to create false advertisements. Although there are many different people in the world who have completed a sufficient amount of research into who they are voting for, the vast majority of people use the information that they hear. This is another important reason as to why eliminating the use of PACs can be quite advantageous.

Things to Consider About the Wrigley Field Expansion Plan

As with most renovations associated with worldwide landmarks, there are two parties that either appreciate the idea of the renovations or in contrast, are not interested in dealing with the renovations. With that being said, one extremely popular topic of discussion is the expansion of Wrigley Field. Every local media outlet went berserk once they had found out that the city had approved the expansion. Below are some important things to consider in regards to the plans for expansion.

Importance of the Changes

Although there are many parties that are against the expansion of the stadium, the things that would change are relatively useless in terms of the public. It would mean that the park would take up more space, sure, but in regards to the actual guidelines that the Cubs would have to follow, the majority of them are seen as slightly ridiculous, but decide for yourselves.

1. No Slaughterhouses

According to the agreement to expand Wrigley Field, the Cubs will be prohibited from opening a slaughterhouse in relation to poultry at Wrigley Field.

2. No Funeral Homes

It’s quite unlikely someone on the baseball team is interested in becoming an undertaker during their down time, the Cubs won’t be able to open a funeral home at Wrigley Field.

3. Fireworks

This is a factor that may actually affect the fans due to the fact that fireworks can be an incredible staple to sporting events. There will be no fireworks allowed during Cubs games but during any other event, they are permitted.

4. Plays

Just in case you were interested, the Cubs are allowed to stage plays at Wrigley Field. Perhaps an idea for a new type of intermission?

5. Pawn Shops

For fans who are interested in going to a game and selling their valuable merchandise, you’re out of luck. The Cubs won’t be allowed to open a pawn shop at Wrigley Field.

6. Planting

Vegetables are quite useful for a variety of applications – especially when drunk people need something to throw. Unfortunately the Cubs won’t be allowed to plant any vegetables on the property, though they can host farmers’ markets.

7. Traffic Lights

With the increase in traffic associated with the expansion, the Cubs will be paying the city approximately $100,000 for each new traffic light that is erected on Clark Street.

8. Other Events

With the expansion of the field, Wrigley Field will be able to have seasonal lighting, musical concerts, and even movies and plays.

Now that you are aware of 8 interesting things that will occur from the expansion of Wrigley Field, the fans won’t really be affected at all. It will be the same baseball team with the same players, just in a larger arena which allows for more fans to come and view the performance. With that being said, the majority of upset revolving around the expansion of the field can be seen as redundant as it is essentially a great thing for every fan of baseball.

The United States Eliminating Term Limits for the President

There are a numerous amount of reasons as to why the amendment associated with limiting the amount of terms that a President can be in power is detrimental. With that being said, there has been a recent spark in discussion pertaining to eliminating the term limits for the President, allowing him to either serve a shorter or longer amount of time in the White House. In this article we will discuss whether eliminating term limits could prove to be advantageous or detrimental.

Effectiveness and Respect

What are the two main aspects that allow the President to govern a country aside from the status associated with the title? Effectiveness and respect. This debate was first brought up by Senator Harley Kilgore in 1947 who stated that restricting the President to two terms would impair the amount of effectiveness that they would have in office due to the fact that no one would respect or obey him since he could not run for presidency again.

Thinking About the People

It is important to consider the people in terms of eliminating the term limits for the President of the United States. Imagine that the majority of the country was happy with the job that their leader was doing during their second term. In today’s society, there wouldn’t be anything that the country could do – even if they wanted to reinstate the President. With the ability to eliminate a specific amount of time that a person can be the President, citizens will be able to determine if they want to keep someone in office for a longer period than 2 years. This can be rather empowering and give the country hope that they will have a leader that they can believe in. This fact was noticed by Senator Claude Pepper in 1947 who stated “We do not need to protect the American people with a prohibition against a president whom they do not wish to elect; and if they wanted to elect him, have we the right to deny them power?”

Appreciation of Effort

It is not only important to consider the people in relation to allowing the President to serve a longer term, but we should also consider the President. Imagine being in power for 2 years and completely changing the way that American citizens experience their everyday lives only to have all of your hard work negated once you were finished your 2 year term. This can be an incredibly difficult thing for the President to consider and it could possibly lead to them not putting in as much effort as they should. With the ability to give the President hope for terms extending far past 2 years, they could complete more projects and work more diligently to accomplishing the goals that they have set for the country.

This not only benefits the entire presidential office, but it also benefits the people as a whole as they will have more benefits to take advantage of.