Rules and Regulations – Termite Control

The rules and regulations governing condo buildings vary by states, cities, and even from condo to condo due to their by laws. If you condo is over 10 years old and has a garden or basement unit, you should create a termite protection plan. Companies like Kilter termite and pest control can assess your building condition and future risk. Based on this assessment, Kilter termite and pest control can provide you annual preventive plan which is much cheaper when risk adjusted then suffering a termite attack which can cost thousands of dollars and go undiscovered for months if not years.

If you are interested in more information check out the Kilter termite and pest control blog.

Facts about termites:

American homeowner’s spend over $1 billion repairing and controlling for termites. Termites feed on most any wood and will either nest within the wooden structure of deep underground. Termites easily survive the coldest winters as their deep nests stay warm even in subzero temperatures and they have a ready food supply. While they can be hard to detect without a professional inspection, signs of possible infestations include mud tubes, discarded wings, and obviously wood damage.

Regulation of Online Education Companies

As the cost and affordability of traditional 2 and 4 year post-secondary educations continue to sky rocket, many students are opting for less expensive online education. While a school being about to leverage the internet and it’s amazing scale, is great at lowering the cost and making education affordable to the masses, it also comes at the cost of lower academic standards and increased risk of out right fraud.

Check out this warning by the US government’s FTC division. It provides warning signs of diploma mills and steps to ensure you are getting what you expect.

Diploma mill warning signs:

  • Claims of little or no study time
  • No exams
  • No live staff interaction during the education process
  • Flat fees vs. fees per credit hour
  • No waiting to enroll
  • Aggressive advertising and recruitment tactics

How to avoid diploma mills:

This really boils down to doing your homework. Don’t just read and believe the school’s website. Check with their related accreditation body. Check out schools like them. Even google it and check out what pops up. As an example if you are looking to become a gunsmith, a quick review of the top results in google will find a great review site of all gunsmithing schools. So before you invest your money and time in an online program, make sure to do your homework.

Anyone ever have any good or bad experiences with online schools? Gunsmith, pharmacy tech, etc? If so let us know in the comments.

Keeping Walmart out of Chicago

Walmart comes with its share of advantages and disadvantages as they offer products for an incredibly low price but it depends on what customers are willing to go through in order to purchase these products. Whether shoppers have to wait through extraordinarily long lines or if Walmart becomes an incredibly dangerous place to shop during the holiday season, there are a numerous amount of reasons as to why Chicago should consider keeping Walmart away.

Putting Companies out of Business

The main reason as to why Chicago may want to consider keeping Walmart away is because they have the tendency to ruin local businesses. When Walmart begins to open their doors, they will systematically lower their prices until they have the lowest priced goods in comparison to other companies in the general area. This can make it incredibly difficult for local companies to find customers as everyone will just flock to Walmart.

Another reason as to why Walmart is dangerous for local businesses is because of their price matching. Price matching refers to when shoppers find the same product at Walmart and a second store but Walmart will have it for a higher price than the second store. If a shopper can bring in a printed advertisement showing that a competitor has it for a lower price – they will match the price.

Plenty of Jobs – Good Jobs?

Walmart is also renowned for creating a number of jobs for people in the local area but the most important thing to consider is whether they are good jobs. A number of people in the world who have previously been employed by this company have stated that they gave them employment but it did not provide them with the opportunity to advance. Basically stating that once you get hired as a cashier, there is no chance for you to be promoted to a head cashier. This makes Walmart a great opportunity for students looking for a part-time job but not for anyone who is seeking serious employment.

Inconvenient and Dangerous Environments

Have you ever been to a Walmart where you had to wait in line for an extended period of time? This is because the majority of stores only hire a small amount of cashiers to handle the hundreds of customers that funnel through their doors on a daily basis. This can create an incredibly inconvenient environment for both you and your family to shop.

In terms of danger, Walmart can quickly become a hazardous environment – especially during the holiday season. There have been numerous situations where individuals have been caught in confrontations during holidays such as Black Friday and shoppers flock to Walmart for their incredibly low prices. With that being said, the vast majority of Walmart shoppers try to avoid the store during the holiday season.

It is important to consider whether shopping at Walmart will make your life easier or more difficult, even if you are saving a small amount of money every time that you shop.